A real estate marketing company based in Istanbul works in the field of e-marketing through social media. We also offer a full range of real estate services starting with receiving customers from the airport and ending with the completion of the sale and after sales services. We have a team of real estate consultants and real estate investment experts who cater the needs of customers with the best prices.

The aim of the company is to build relationships with its customers, demonstrating trust and credibility by providing marketing and sales services to developers and investors with added value. We also aim to increase the company’s presence in the global real estate market through systematic plans to accommodate the latest and future aspirations of the future. .

15 years of experience has enabled the company to accelerate the development of real estate within Turkey and has worked to provide flexible real estate solutions suitable for all segments of society with convenient financing options.

brand valuesOur vision:

To be the most distinguished real estate developer within and outside the Turkish states, by offering our business with a platform of innovation, flexibility and innovation.


Our Goals:

Achieve and establish a lasting and established partnership with our clients in order to reach the stage of the successful real estate marketer through the credibility and offer value-added investment options and work to update and develop our marketing tools and focus on customers and meet their requests..


Turkey’s giant projects

One of the encouraging things about investment is the huge projects that the Turkish government has planned and is working to accomplish, which will stimulate the infrastructure, tourism and energy.

  • Istanbul Finance Center
  • Istanbul Airport III
  • Istanbul Canal Project
  • The purpose of the Turkish pipeline to transport Russian gas to the European continent through Turkish territory
  • Tanab project to transfer Azeri gas to Europe via Turkey

Turkey has been living since the arrival of the Justice and Development Party of the Authority revolution in the world of transport as the number of tunnels increased from 50 tunnels in 2003 to 188 today. As well as bridges, which is the Bosphorus Bridge, which was inaugurated this year, the largest. Along with the Osman Ghazi bridges in the Yalova region of northwestern Turkey, the Sultan Yawaz Selim in Istanbul, the Eurasia Tunnel and the Jnaq Qala bridge linking the Aegean Sea with the Marmara Sea in northwestern Turkey over the Dardanelles Strait. Meters “the longest hanging bridge in the world.