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Number of Property Sales in Istanbul Towns

Number of Property Sales in Istanbul Towns have been announced by TUIK for 2016. 4% increase is remarkable point comparing to 2015. Istanbul had come first with 17.3% which is 232.428 according to title deed records.

Foreign citizens have purchased 18.189 units in Turkey, ranking 5.811 in Istanbul, 4.352 in Antalya, 1.318 in Bursa and 871 in Aydin. Iraq(3.036), Saudi Arabia(1886), Kuwait(1744), Russia(1224) and Afghanistan(1205) citizens have been the leading countries in purchasing real estate in Turkey.

How many properties have been sold in which town of Istanbul? Esenyurt town is quite leading the sales with 40.436 units in the list. Sancaktepe town (Asia Side) is following with 11.885 units. Beylikduzu town is the 3rd most properties sold with 10.901 units.

Brief Information about leading towns.


Esenyurt is a popular residential area due to the brand new properties and affordable property prices compared with Istanbul centre. Esenyurt is home to the Istanbul Esenyurt University, while being very close to Beykent University, Fatih University, Fatih University, Istanbul Arel University, Istanbul University and Istanbul Gelişim University. TUYAP Exhibition and Conference Centre is only 5km away from Esenyurt centre, while it is 26km away from the Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Shopping facilities are mainly gathered around shopping centres rather than individual shops along the streets. Esenyurt has three shopping centres, which are Eskule Shopping Centre, Torium Shopping Centre and Akbatı AVM.


Beylikduzu is populated especially after the 1999 Izmit earthquake by the people from older districts of Istanbul who preferred to move to newly constructed buildings in Beylikduzu because of their fear for safety of the old buildings. When the Metrobus (rapid bus system) is extended from Avcılar to Beylikduzu in 2012, Beylikduzu is affected by the second wave of migration. With the advance of Metrobus the perception of “distance” has changed and places which seemed far away before became closer, so many moved to Beylikduzu. Since the population of Beylikduzu consists mostly of migrants from other districts of Istanbul or Turkey and Beylikduzu is a relatively recently established city, Beylikduzu has gained a welcoming atmosphere for the newcomers without having any social stratification. The popularity of Beylikduzu has increased greatly in the last few years and the region became a hot spot for residential and commercial investments. Beylikduzu has the highest rapid increase in the land and property value in Turkey, making its investors richer in a very short time.