Property purchasing in Turkey through Intro Property is easier than you think and far more inexpensive than you may imagine.

The Turkish property market is growing day by day.  There are thousands of properties for sale in Turkey and hundreds of real estate agents.  Each agent will tell you different things and give different advice. We believe that our strong point is our longevity in the market, our knowledge of Turkey and experience in dealing with more than +6000 property transactions. We advise that you conduct your own thorough research into which region in Turkey best suits your needs, budget, and expected lifestyle.

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When you decide to buy a property in Turkey, we highly recommend you to come and see the properties at its place. Intro Property organizes you free of charge airport transfers and property viewing tours.

If you like a property on our viewing trips and decide to purchase the property, we prepare you a sales contract. Our sales contract includes the buyer, seller and property information as well as the agreed conditions.

We guarantee you to purchase the property;

– from the actual seller – the exact property which is shown to you
- without any debt
- under the agreed conditions

You might need to open a bank account in Turkey. Any person can open a bank account in Turkey. You only need an address document from your country. A utility bill (electricity, water, internet, broadcasting bills, etc.) where your name and your house address is written on the bill is obligatory.


The final step to complete your real estate purchase in Turkey is registering your TAPU (or title deed). Once we have secured all paperwork and both sides have carried out their contractual obligations – your home will be registered to your name and you will receive the title deed (TAPU) to your new home in Turkey.