Why you should work with lawyers ?

Besides of what we can do for foreign Investors In Turkey except Real estate purchase process mentioned above:

Power of Attorney for buying property Power of Attorney enables your lawyer to act behalf of you during you absence. A Power of Attorney is a document where one person confers on another the right to act on his/her behalf and in that respect the attorney can act just as though he or she were the donor of the power.

This means your lawyer is going to chase all legal and administrative paperwork on behalf of you during your purchase process and can sign any documentation at municipality or title deed registration office or at any governmental unit behalf of you. The person who signs (executes) a Power of Attorney is called the Principal. The Power of Attorney gives legal authority to another person (Attorney-in-Fact) to make property, financial and other legal decisions for the Principal. Power of attorney usually includes authorization to buy/register the property in the name of the buyer, to obtain “completion report” for the property, official registration of water and electricity meters, insurance for the property, registration of property in the municipality department, payment of local taxes, making legal claims and conduct litigation, attend to tax,etc. The notaries are authorized to prepare Power of Attorney document in Turkey. You should go to one of the notary public in Turkey in order to prepare a valid Power of Attorney for your lawyer. If you want a sample of our Power of Attorney of have any questions about this document, please mail to this address written below.